Lung Cu Flag Tower Tours

Lung Cu Flag Tower is situated at 1, 700m above the sea level, at the summit of Rong Mountain, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District. It's about 20km from Dong Van Town where the most tourist attract in Ha Giang. Lung Cu Flag Tower is important? This is the North Pole of Viet Nam. The path of the flag tower comprises 283 stone steps. The flag tower is 33.15m height, 3.8m diameter. The tower body is decorated relief of Dong Son's bronze drum surface. The tower sole is trapped relieves describing the everyday life of the ethnic minority individuals in the karst plateau. Plug from the 12.Flagstaff 9m is a national flag with a surface of 54m², representing for 54 ethnic groups of Viet Nam. In the base tower, there's a commemorative home, in which displays production tools, costumes and cultural products of the cultural groups in Ha Giang. From Lung Cu flag point, visitors can see a wide border area of Viet Nam. Specially Nho Que River winding throughout the high mountain ranges, the terraced fields stretching along the mountainsides, the village of Mong, Lo, Tay, Pu Peo. What to see near Lung Cu flag tower? Lung Cam culture village is community tourism base. The village location at the middle of Sung La Valley. Sung La Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. The village attracts visitors due to distinctive customs along with the beauty of the landscape and people. All homes are about one hundred years of age. The moss covered layer on the roof's home like expression for the survival, the challenge with time. Aside from ancient homes have been conserved intact, individuals in Lung Cam currently store many cultural quintessence expressed the particular traditional festivals, folk songs, dances, instruments. In addition to, production tools reflecting everyday life actions of the individuals will produce intriguing anticipation for visitors. Lung Cam Village is home to 3 cultural groups of Mong, Lo and Han. Of which 85 percent are Mong people. It's Truly Ha Giang for Visiting Lung Cam, visitors have the chance to learn about the idyllic lifestyle of cultural minorities and relish specialty dishes of local men and women. With crazy beauty and cultural identity, Lung Cam Village became the inspiration for many musicians. How to get to Lung Cu Flag Tower? From the 4C National Highway back up to the northeast about 160km, visitors will go to Dong Van Commune, Dong Van District. From here, continue down the asphalt road connecting two communes Lung Cu - Dong Van about 40km, visitors will come to Lung Cu flagepole. It's great for Photographer, Private tour for young people