Twin mountain (Fairy Bosom) Tours

Quan Ba Twin Mountain located next to National Highway 4C, 40 km from Ha Giang City. Between rocky mountains and terraced fields. There are two mountains appear strange, so visitors are not surprised by the beauty of nature. These two mountains are associated with the legend of Mount Fairy poetry. The Legend of Quan Ba Twin Mountain Legend has it that once upon a time, in this land there was a handsome Hmong man who had the talent to blow his lips. His tongue was like the sound of a stream, like the sound of birds, forest deep... There is a fairy in the sky called beautiful flowers, snow white, lips like spring peaches, two cheeks blushed pink like peach. One day she heard the sound of Hmong flute then followed the wind to escape to the heaven to find someone blowing the lips. After that fell in love with Hmong man, Then she decided to stay in this land with her husband. Years later they have a pretty boy. One day the Jade Emperor discovered that she had escaped to the world. That make emperor ridiculously angry. Then he order his servant descend to the land and bring princess back to the heaven. But her child still very small. She begged for her to stay in the nursery but no one relented. Felling husband alone to feed her child, her son's milk lacking milk. After that she decided to left her pair of breasts under the sub-world breastfeeding. The pair of breasts grows round to feed her baby growing up. Later turned into two mountains shaped like mother breast, unusual to today, still called the Mountain pair of breasts or Mount Co Tien. It is said that thanks to the flow of her milk. This area has a very cool climate. It's very great for plantation. Such as many kind of fruits and vegetable. Further more the girls in this area very pretty girls. And her tears turned into a blue river, drowsy, mosaic drifted on the rocky sea cat ears, embracing the land behind the legendary sky.