Dong Van Old Town Tours

Dong Van Old Town, located in the heart of Ha Giang tourism complex. It's established and built in the early 20th century in Dong Quan district, Tuong Yen district, Tuyen Quang province. Then separated into the Bao Lac by a Tay family control as a separate area. Today, Dong Van Old town is especially loved by tourists and is an indispensable destination travel in Ha Giang. The old town of Dong Van in the heart of the rocky plateau With the inherent features, the beauty in the traditional culture multi-color. The old town of Dong Van has created an impressive and unique point on the plateau Dong Van. The old town has a history of developing architecture and culture for hundreds of years. By the 1880s, the French had planned and left important architectural and architectural highlights. Especially the Dong Van Market, built in the 1920s. intact to this day. Nestled in the middle of the valley with four rocky mountains. The Dong Van old town is surrounded by 40 rooftops. The old houses are all over 100 years old, especially the houses are nearly 200 years. The old town was established in the early 20th century. The initially only a few Mong families, Tay and Hoa people, gradually more and more local residents to find. But In general, the old quarter bearing bold architectural design of the United States. There are two-storey roofed yin-yang, red lanterns hanging high off the harsh cold of the Rocky Plateau. The paintings of the neighborhood are shown in many colors, varying in length from one day to the next. In the morning. The unique painting was blended with two bright yellow sun shades and the gray of the old houses. This is wonderful time for taking picture. Special the space immersed in the early morning mist as awakened by light, vibrant sound and brilliant colors in the costumes of H'Mong people, Hoa, Ray, Tay, Nung... When heaven and earth come to end, the tranquility and tranquility surrounds the Old Quarter in the heart of the Stone Plateau. Night to the oil lamp from each table just enough to dim light. In that space sometimes there is the sound of Mong men's lips in the melody call the partner. On the weekend, the old town cafeteria bustles with the boys and girls from the villages invited to sing folk songs, express the dance of the coast. Take a sit and drink a coffee in the old town. Visitors easily associate with Ha Noi, or Hoi An, as a thought has become habit. It is easy to understand, because the old town of Dong Van in the border region. So It's much younger than the history of the ancient streets of Hanoi or Hoi An; And coffee seems to be the drink of the city below the plain, not in the high mountains. Yet the "Old Quarter Coffee" in Dong Van town has kept all those who stepped in! Being one of the few ancient houses still retaining the ancient beauty in the old quarter of Dong Van. This is the home of a landlord of the Tay people, very powerful in the old Dong Van. This hundred year old house is also experiencing many ups and downs along the old town, and fortunately it is still almost intact. From above look down, two rows of ancient streets run to the foot of the mountain is three rows of market put into U-shaped roof tiles yin yang. The architecture here is two-story houses, walls. Particularly in the area of Dong Van market. There are many old-style pipes to take advantage of the front as Hanoi old streets. Dong Van Market is not only a place for trade of ethnic minority people in the region. But moreover, in the markets, this place as the festival. From young Mong women to Pu Peo people, Lo Lo, ... in traditional costumes to the play market, making friends, shopping and exchanging goods. Since 2006, Dong Van district has held 3 "Ancient City Night" every month on the 14th, 15th, 16th lunar month. Accordingly, the households in the old quarter all together with red lanterns, some activities. Such as displaying brocade ethnic groups, cultural performances, selling and enjoying bowls, drinking wine and playing games. The activities are happening, but very unique, creating a highlight for the ancient town of Dong Van. Truly Ha Giang will makes visitors exhausted after the long way to come to Dong Van. With the information above so your tours in Ha Giang must be visit Dong Van old town. For more information let contact Vision Travel.