Sky Path Tours

The Sky Path trail is a partially paved walking trail stretching along the side of Ma Pi Leng mountain, overlooking Ma Pi Leng Pass. Starting from the Youth Monument statue located between Meo Vac and Dong Van, follow the path to the left of the statue through a small village, then along the curves of the mountain to a point overlooking the Nho Que River and the unique geological formations stretching out into the horizon. The trail continues downhill, looping around a small green valley, then back uphill, into the trees. After walking through the trees and small plots of farmland, hikers will approach a cliff and follow the path to a small gazebo with panoramic views of the pass and the river below. Beyond the gazebo, there are some stony steps to follow down onto the railed pathway that juts out from the face of the mountain. Walk along this path, far above the motorcycles on the road below, and listen to the sounds of goat bells and the wind while observing the red and blue stratae lining the limestone karsts and wind eroded rock formations. At the end of the railed portion of the path, the trail continues down towards the road, cutting through a small farming village. If you have more than one vehicle, it is possible to leave one motorcycle at the end of the path here, and then ride with your hiking partner to retrieve your other vehicle at the start of the trail.