Quyet Tien Market Tours

On the first of the legendary road named "Happiness Road". The Bac Sum Slope is the slope marking the beginning of the journey through the Global Geological Park of the Dong Van Plateau - Ha Giang. How Quyet Tien market is special? At the top of the long curved slope, Quan Ba Heaven Gate is a famous place for long time because of the magnificent landscape and legendary mountain legend. However, there is a place located at the foot of the mountain sky gate. It is precisely Quyen Tien commune, simple sky gate over the hills around the cloud. In a quiet place, once a week there is a market, the time just in a short morning. Quyet Tien market open every Saturday morning near the National Highway 4C. It's about 10 km from Quan Ba gates. Perhaps. Many visitor come here will comment that Ha Giang's market is almost the same. But look at each other. This market still the colorful clothes, selling the ordinary items, usually only in the morning ... If so then Decision can be regarded as the first highland market you meet on the road to conquer Ha Giang. Do not miss Ha Giang tour to visit market, after coming from Ha Giang City only about 1 hour you will go to Quyet Tien. If visit the market you should eat a packet of sticky rice or any other. Shooting the beautiful picture of local trading in the market... You will find the things very special points of this market.