Nguom Ngao cave Tours

Located in Gun Hamlet (Dam Thuy Communce, Trung Khanh District.), 5km from Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave is the natural masterpiece which is worth to visit when coming to Cao Bang Province. The cave was discovered in 1921, became a tourist site in 1996 and was recognized as the nature site of national significance in 1998. According to Tay ethnic language, "Nguom Ngao" means tiger cave. It is said that, this cave used to be the natural habitat of many tigers, so the local villagers names it after that. Another legend said, the roaring sounds come from the sound of the springs flowing in the cave listened like a roar of an angry tiger so the local people called Nguom Ngao Cave. With the total length of 2,144m (including 1,000m for tourist service), the cave is truly an idea place for nature-lovers. It has three main gates: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Ban Thuon (Tay names). According to research, Nguom Ngao Cave was derived from limestone that contained petrified corals, because the area was previously ocean, around 400 million years ago. It is very cool in summer and warm in winter. Stepping into the cave, the natural landscape with many strange stalactites will make visitors feel overwhelmed. The countless stalactites grow from the bottom up, from the high stone arches hanging down with many shapes, reflecting shimmering, fanciful light. The surrounding terrain of cave is karst. As a result, stalactites in this cave are markedly different than those in other regions because of its high calcium volume an other residues. Looking at the stalactites, the imagination of visitors to freely fly with image of stones look like people, forest trees, animals, fairies combing their hair, lotus buds, breast milk … Two greatest attractions in Nguom Ngao Cave are the upside-down lotus pedestal and the lonely stone pillar. It is said that if you catch the drops of water from Buddha's hand, then rub it on your face, you will have many lucks. Deep inside the cave, the beauty is more sparkling and majestic. Many nooks and crannies just fit for only one person, or sometime there is a stalactite from the ceiling suddenly blocking the path, making the visitors have to bend down to pass. The unique features that make up the highlight of Nguom Ngao scenic spot is the image that look like terraced fields - creation of limestone floors eroded and weathered many millions of years. It’s around 280 kilometers from Ha Noi to Cao Bang, and it takes more than half of a day to drive if you travel by cars. From Cao Bang city, following Highway 4A, getting over 60 kilometers through Ma Phuc and Khau Lieu pass to Trung Khanh Town then drive for 29 more kilometers, you can reach Nguom Ngao Cave. From September to December is the best time to visit Nguom Ngao Cave, due to the dry, cool weather, chestnut and yellow rice season.